Fab Fabrics!

Fabrics are a huge deal to us here at Yogamasti! Our slogan ‘Comfort in Style’ comes from a desire to provide customers with practical, comfortable activewear, without sacrificing stylish looks. You don’t have to pick practicality and comfort over style with us! When we design it’s with other Yogis in mind. We are by Yogis, for Yogis! And designed by a Yoga teacher, no less! Good fabrics can mean the difference between an awful and fantastic practice. You can’t concentrate fully if you’re itchy, unsupported, and can’t extend properly!

Here’s a variety of different fabrics in our designs, and a rundown of them to help you choose the right clothes for you.


Bamboo? As a fabric? We know, we know – it’s not something you think of immediately when you think of clothing. As well as being sustainable and strong, bamboo fibre is extraordinarily soft when woven into garment fabric. Also used in supersoft memory pillows, bamboo cloth really does feel like being hugged! (If you’d like to imagine being hugged by a panda bear, we won’t blame you ;P) If you’d like to grab yourself some, a good option from our Practice Collection would be our Chaturanga Seamless Practice Top in Black/White with strap detail and internal chest support. Hit those inversions bamboo style!

bamboo fabric top

Organic Cotton

As fellow Yogis, we are very conscious of how we work with our environment. Our organic cotton collection is 100% certified, and our stretch cotton has just enough lycra for extensions without sacrificing that gorgeous quality cotton texture. A good cotton can feel better than silk, and our fabrics are both soft and durable, guaranteed. Why not try our ladies Organic Mantra Top, or our men’s Shakti Tank?


Hemp is well known for being super-strong and is used for an enormous variety of purposes, but our organic Hemp Mudra Pants fit the bill for Yogis! Cut in a men’s crop style to keep cool, hemp benefits from being breathable as well as highly durable.

















This is just a little snippet of the fabric materials, so stay tuned for more!



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