In no particular order, here are Yogamasti’s top yoga brands that we love. Lots of variety in here so come take a browse at this yoga clothing and equipment with us.  All these mentioned brands are unique and offer all sorts of different styles, some very different from our own. We picked from brands big and small and collected our favourites together for you guys.

Dharma Bums

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Dharma Bums comes from the sunny shores of Australia and offers a range of environmentally conscious Yoga wear inspired by surf and sunny beaches as well as an active lifetyle. A range of glossy gym-style leggings with cool prints and striking colours, as well as basics like sports crops and tees, the brand has a free spirited feel that we just love from Yoga brands.


Another UK-based brand here! Asquith has a great variety of products, and we particularly love their range of soft colours and gentle fabric designs – everything a chic Londoner could want to wear to class, and a great range of block colour basics complement modern patterns. Relaxed, modern eco wear.You can also grab other branded mats and bags while you’re there. Go UK yoga brands!


From fabulous Los Angeles, Onzie has a huge range of activewear from the home of the rich and famous! Onzie is all about flexibility and all-activity clothing to suit all people. Fashion forward cuts like bellbottoms and mesh cutout leggings make this young and modern brand everything you’d expect to see on an It-girl walking out of an LA yoga studio.


Manduka yoga equipment has a great reputation and our particular favorites are their eco-mats and the huge range of colours and styles they provide. These options give you that ‘customised’ feel when you’re mat shopping. Natural materials and a sleek look make Manduka mats luxurious products to own and use.




Yes, we put ourselves on our top yoga brands list! We’ll sing the praises of our own products to kingdom come – we know our stuff is fantastic and we want you to know it, too! So what makes us different? It’s the 21st century and the choices out there for yoga and activewear are enormous. So why might Yogamasti be right for you?

Why Us?

We’re only a small business, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to clothing – everything we make has a personal touch. A lot of activewear can feel impersonal and formulaic, so we try our hardest to stand out. It’s the Yogi spirit that drives us, so we like to bring holistic motifs and mantras to our design work, so your practice can feel like something beyond exercise.

The Personal Touch

We produce and design everything from fabrics to prints to pant cuffs, so you know you’re never buying a generic item with a brand label stuck on to it. We try and show how close we are to our products by adding unique aspects like delicate hand painted motifs, so when you wear our products you can ‘feel’ the artistic hand in what you’re wearing. Handmade patchwork detail on our mat bags and delicate embroidery let our customers touch a little artistic part of a product’s journey.

A founder who is both a dance and yoga teacher (and for whom Yogamasti is a true labour of love) means we can produce things that others don’t, because there’s the unity of both a professional and personal eye. One example: it was really important to us that our seamless wear was as close to nature as possible, but also that we take advantage of modern methods wherever we can. So our seamless collection contains very high cotton content as WELL as intelligent moisture wicking. Cutting edge bamboo and 100% organic hemp and cotton are staples in our collections. We need the best of the past and the future to be the best that we can be.

Other little touches come in to play, like ensuring that ALL of our womenswear has bust support, so you know you can practice with confidence in any of our clothing, regardless of the style. We want our customers to feel completely at ease and comfortable when they practice.

If you’re shopping for beautiful, practical yoga gear with the yogi soul, Yogamasti should be in YOUR top brands list!



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