Happy Hips

Not having easy movement in your hips can make you feel inflexible and limited – here are our top tips for maintaining open hip joints to make sitting and standing easier and more comfortable. The hip joints are ball and socket, so when our hips are too tight we really feel it. Once you’ve practiced these tips you’ll really feel the difference every time you get up.

Cross Legs :

We know sitting cross legged can make you feel a little like you’re at a school assembly, but sitting this way is not just for starting your yoga practice or meditating. Aim to make this your ‘default’ setting, even when sitting on the couch. Soon you’ll find yourself doing this automatically and you will be far more supple when turning your legs outward, expanding your range of comfortable movement.

Knees Up :

Here’s a tip to do in bed before you get up. There are lots of stretches and asanas that help your hips, but this is a quick tip you can incorporate into your day to do life that takes only two minutes. It’s a great way to wake up too, so here it goes: Lie flat, pull one knee to your chest and hold tight with your arms. Hold for 60 seconds. Raise the other leg and repeat. Repeat both stretches as many times as you like. You’ll start feeling the benefit as soon as you swing your legs out of bed!


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