Your Yoga Year

new year

So the new year is upon us! Everyone is making resolutions and changes; getting healthier, cleaning out their homes and heads and looking forward into the future. Now is the perfect time to plan out your yoga year! Whether it’s weight loss, flexibility or a healthier attitude – whatever your motivation is, yoga is an asset to any lifestyle. You know the benefits, you’ve heard the buzz, now make those plans!

If you already practice regularly…

Switch up your style! New year, new yoga style! Don’t be shy, your new favourite could be just around the corner. Split your year up into quarters, and try a new style every 12 weeks or so. You never know, there could  be a kundalini or a hot yogi in there waiting to jump out, and variety is always good for the body.

If you have only practiced a little…

Set yourself some yoga goals. Things like ‘I will touch my toes by March’, or ‘I will attend EVERY class I am able this year. No excuses!’. Little goals for a regular practice like ‘mat Monday’ or ‘meditation Monday’ are great little labels to add to your week to keep you on track. Goals can incorporate your practice into your life so that by next January, you won’t even notice.

If you’ve never done yoga…

This is obvious of course, but start! Do your research first, plan how you will attend classes and what equipment you need, and don’t give up. So many times we hear people say ‘oh, yeah, I thought of trying yoga’. Don’t just think, take the plunge! Book a beginners retreat or pay in advance to a local yoga class. Setting a date and committing will keep your year on track and make sure you follow through to a healthier, happier you.




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